Use of medium voltage motors in industry

There are many types of motors, which are divided into low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage motors. They differ from each other mainly by the voltage values, which are in a wide range. Medium voltage motors are among those that are used and especially very important for heavier machines that have powerful performance. Many think that if a lower voltage can increase the current draw, medium voltage motors reduce the draw and also the motor does not heat up in this case. This is not so true because medium voltage motors push the magnetic parts of the motor into saturation, which means the motor is trying to magnetize the iron by drawing excess current.

Safety and reliability in the first place

Medium voltage motors for you company
Working with medium voltage motors

Medium voltage motors are characterized by their high and reliable performance. Despite being a voltage machine, you do not have to worry about safety, as they are designed for safe use even in hazardous areas that can be explosive. Their production is adapted to be resistant to damage, which can also be caused by an explosion. When this happens, they prevent the spread of fire and its flames that want to get out of medium voltage motors.


 In this case, medium voltage motors are mainly used in heavy industry, where they are used as transport of heavy loads. The sectors in which it is particularly represented are, for example, mining or the construction of large plants. They have an important and irreplaceable role. They are suitable for complex and individual requirements in industrial areas. Medium voltage motors differ in design, but they all offer very high efficiency to clients. In some cases, operating and maintenance costs are reduced as they try to move forward. Medium voltage motors does not differ much from low voltage dc motors because the motor power is a product of current and voltage, where current can be reduced by increasing voltage. Medium voltage motors can also be used for smaller wire cross sections. If you are forced to use longer cable lengths, then it is best to use medium voltage motors. They can be used all over the world in various types of industry. As mentioned above, they are primarily used for light industrial operations such as pumps or mills. They are very reliable machines that take care of your safety. If you are interested in medium voltage motors, please visit vyboelectric.